Source code for rtctools.optimization.linearization_mixin

from typing import Dict

from .optimization_problem import OptimizationProblem

[docs]class LinearizationMixin(OptimizationProblem): """ Adds linearized equation parameter bookkeeping to your optimization aproblem. If your model contains linearized equations, this mixin will set the parameters of these equations based on the t0 value of an associated timeseries. The mapping between linearization parameters and time series is provided in the ``linearization_parameters`` method. """ def parameters(self, ensemble_member): parameters = super().parameters(ensemble_member) for parameter, timeseries_id in self.linearization_parameters().items(): parameters[parameter] = self.timeseries_at(timeseries_id, self.initial_time, ensemble_member) return parameters
[docs] def linearization_parameters(self) -> Dict[str, str]: """ :returns: A dictionary of parameter names mapping to time series identifiers. """ return {}