Delft-FEWS I/O

class rtctools.simulation.pi_mixin.PIMixin(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: rtctools.simulation.io_mixin.IOMixin

Adds Delft-FEWS Published Interface I/O to your simulation problem.

During preprocessing, files named rtcDataConfig.xml, timeseries_import.xml, and``rtcParameterConfig.xml`` are read from the input subfolder. rtcDataConfig.xml maps tuples of FEWS identifiers, including location and parameter ID, to RTC-Tools time series identifiers.

During postprocessing, a file named timeseries_export.xml is written to the output subfolder.

  • pi_binary_timeseries – Whether to use PI binary timeseries format. Default is False.
  • pi_parameter_config_basenames – List of parameter config file basenames to read. Default is [rtcParameterConfig].
  • pi_check_for_duplicate_parameters – Check if duplicate parameters are read. Default is True.
  • pi_validate_timeseries – Check consistency of timeseries. Default is True.
timeseries_at(variable, t)

Return the value of a time series at the given time.

  • variable – Variable name.
  • t – Time.

The interpolated value of the time series.